Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

For your business, college, school, university or community organisation.

“The Mental Health First Aid training which was delivered to 16 of our employees who are really passionate about supporting their colleagues across the business was fantastic. They now feel more educated and confident to support people and signpost them to support from both inside and outside the Company”
– Northumbria Water Limited

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

For your business, college, school, university or community organisation.

“Thank you for providing the training courses we have as a company recently attended. The courses have given us more understanding and confidence in dealing with situations and most importantly how we can help, provide support, guidance and assistance to individuals.”
– Hays Travel

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

For your business, college, school, university or community organisation.

“I found this to be one of the best training sessions I have ever attended (anywhere) and it has certainly given me a much better understanding of self-harm and what it is (and is not).”
– Sunderland Samaritans

Training with Washington Mind

Washington Mind are able to deliver a range of training courses that will fit with the needs of all levels of your organisation.

We firmly believe, as evidenced in recent research and good practice guidance, that developing a mentally health workplace involves a whole organisational approach.

The range of mental health courses that we offer are therefore designed to suit the roles and responsibilities of different people within your organisation.

A Whole Organisational Approach

Understaning mental health and wellbeing by creating a cultural change throughout your organisation through Wellbeing Training for staff

Increase Mental Health Awareness for your whole organisation

1 in 4 Mental Health Awareness

Our 1 in 4 Mental Health Awareness Training explores mental health, anxiety, depression and psychosis, the learning objectives of the training are – To increase knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and the effect upon the person, To provide appropriate support to a person experiencing a mental health issue, To promote hope and recovery, to reduce stigma and discrimination.

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Promoting Emotional Resilience

This course allows delegates to explore their level of understanding of what Emotional Resilience is. The training session explores how we can challenge unhelpful thinking and behaviours that can become a barrier to becoming more emotionally resilient.

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Listening Skills

Every good conversation starts with listening. This half day training session enables delegates to increase their skills, knowledge and understanding of effective communication.

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Manage and promote mental health and wellbeing in your teams

Develop essential skills for managers, supervisors, HR, occupational health and health advocates.

Adult Mental Health First Aid One Day Course

Attend this internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid course and become a Mental Health First Aid Champion. You will learn how to recognise the signs of some common mental health issues, have a supportive conversation with someone, intervene when someone is feeling suicidal, build a mentally healthy workplace and challenge stigma.

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Resilience and coping with stress

This half day course will equip you with the practical tools and knowledge for managing your own everyday stresses in the workplace and at home and to improve and maintain your wellbeing. This course can be tailored to the needs of your business or organisation.

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Intervene and offer support

Learn in depth knowledge and skills to enable staff to support each other, customers and service users.

A LIFE Worth Living

Supports people to identify ‘A LIFE Worth Living’ and equips them with the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to offer support and information to a potentially suicidal person and provide them with the knowledge to signpost to local services and access the relevant pathway of support; to reduce suicides.

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Adult Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course

Attend this internationally recognised in-depth course and become a Mental Health First Aider. You will develop the skills, confidence and knowledge to understand mental health, promote positive mental wellbeing and use non-judgemental listening skills to start a mental health conversation.

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The Stories We Tell - Grief Training

The Stories We Tell and Are Told. A narrative approach to death and dying.

This training session will offer an alternative understanding of grief. TSWT is a preventative approach that enables a supportive conversation to take place utilising an alternative approach that enables us to live forward with our grief as we continue bond with the deceased.

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Understanding Self-Harm

This training enables people to understand self-harm, what it is, why people self-harm and the cycle of self-harm. The session aims to challenge the taboo associated with self-harm whilst increasing our understanding.

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Why choose Washington Mind…

Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

Not all training is the same. For over 20 years Washington Mind have been developing and delivering training. We use the knowledge, experience and expertise of our service users, staff team and the wider mental health community to develop and deliver training packages that meet the needs of businesses, educational settings and organisations

Highly qualified and experienced staff and lived experience co-production

Developing our training from the view point of those who have experienced mental health issues allows a unique insight into how people have disclosed their mental health issues and the benefits of timely support.
All of our trainers have years of experience in mental health as well as training. This includes mental health advocacy, mental health social work, psychology and teacher training.

A local knowledge of services and resources

All of our training includes signposting information based on direct knowledge and use of local and national services and resources.

Over the last 5 years alone, we have trained over 7,000 people

Over the last 5 years alone, we have trained over 7,000 people in:

  • 1 in 4 Mental Health Awareness
  • Resilience and coping with stress
  • A LIFE Worth Living suicide prevention + intervention
  • Understanding Self-Harm
  • Mental Health First Aid (both one and two day courses)
  • Listening Skills
Interactive and enjoyable sessions

All of our courses are delivered in an interactive, experiential and supportive way so participants can learn in a memorable, useful way and focus on what they can do to support others and themselves.

Evidence based

Everything we deliver is based on current good practice and grounded in a sound evidence base.

Charitable Status

Washington Mind’s mission is to work in partnership with our community to promote recovery and improve mental health and wellbeing. All of our income is used to further provide services, raise awareness and support local people in the North East.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We can also provide bespoke courses that are adapted to your individual training needs.
Please contact us on: 0191 417 8043 or: [email protected] to discuss.

Did you know?

We also provide service level agreements delivering a quality counselling service for business and organistaions across the North East and support the devlopment of policies and procedures.

Our training has already been successfully delivered to several
organisations across the region, including:

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