Washington Mind’s mission is to work in partnership with our community to promote recovery and improve mental health and wellbeing.

About Washington Mind


Washington Mind was established in 1981, a local charity providing mental health and wellbeing support, services and training for our local community. We became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) on 1st April 2014 and continue to offer independent, non-stigmatising services based in the local community that are accessible to all.

Good mental health is just one aspect of general wellbeing and we believe that everyone can lead a full, active and rewarding life. We work with the people who use our services to support them in achieving their goals and engaging in their communities. Our goal is to try to help people experiencing emotional or mental distress to regain their full potential in life and work.

There are enormous unmet mental health needs, evidence shows that 1 in 4 people in the UK will at some point in their lives experience a mental health problem. Being able to access services and support at the onset or in the early stages of mental health problems or when someone is wanting to improve their wellbeing giving people the best possible chance of  becoming more resilient, reducing the impact of their illness and making a full recovery.

The stigma surrounding a mental health diagnosis continues and social exclusion for those affected by it. People still have difficulty in accessing appropriate services when they need them. We aim to enable people to have timely access to a range of quality, targeted, preventative mental health services with the aim of improving their wellbeing and quality of life.

We offer an independent, non-stigmatising services based in the local community that are accessible to all. We take referrals from professionals as well as self and family/carer referrals. No one service can be all things to all people but working together as a community we can do so much more to meet the needs of our  community.

When using our services you have the right to expect:

  • To receive adequate information
  • To feel welcome, safe and free to be yourself
  • To be treated with respect and not to be judged
  • To be offered services that are appropriate your needs (or signposted if necessary)
  • To have a full explanation of our confidentiality policy and what it means to you
  • To have the opportunity to comment on what you think of the service good and bad

We have an established Service User involvement policy which can be downloaded here.

Useful Links

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Click on the introduction to our 2018-2018 strategic business plan below to download a copy. If you would like a copy of our full strategic business plan please email us on: [email protected]

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