People are welcome to get involved with Washington Mind through; fundraising, volunteering opportunities, the forming of policy as well as the planning, development and running of services through representation on the Executive Committee.

Get Involved

We aim to involve people with our services by:

  • Actively encouraging different ways to get involved at a level that suits the individual
  • Providing training opportunities to equip people with the skills to fully participate in all areas of involvement
  • Using “User friendly” language at all times
  • Assisting people to do things for themselves rather than doing things for/to people
  • Fully consulting and involving service users in the forming of policy, planning, governance, recruitment development and delivery of services
  • Empowering service users to make real decisions about their own lives, services they receive and the community in which they live
  • Creating a “needs led” service where it is more important that views and ideas flow “from the bottom up” than from “the top down”
  • Ensuring consultation is an ongoing, two way process

Have your voice heard

The views of all of the people who use our services are important to us and there are various ways you can be involved and have your voice heard:

  • Speak directly to staff member or volunteer
  • Email –
  • Text – 07507 330 995
  • Write to Washington Mind
  • Contribute to the Friends of Washington Mind Meetings
  • Use suggestion box provided
  • Complete services evaluation form
  • Speak directly to a Sub Group member
  • Join a sub group (e.g. committee, funding)

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2019-2020

Annual Report 2020-2021