Reasons2 app can help you to:

  • Manage your mental wellness by building your own profile of Reasons2 feel better.
  • Upload pictures and images that give you the feel good factor and makes you smile.
  • Find other ways to improve your mental wellness by clicking on links to other websites and information.
  • Share your Reasons2 with other users and see what makes them smile too.
  • Keep your favourite Reasons2 so you can see them easier and without having to scroll through old information.

A 2020 Update

In 2020, three years after the original launch of Reasons2, we announced version2 was in development and would be launched shortly after World Mental Health Day 2020. On 19th November 2020, the new update was released and made available for free on the App and Play Stores.

Version2 of the app provides new and updated features and an improved way of navigation to help you manage your wellbeing. The ongoing situation surrounding Covid-19 and lockdown can affect our mental health and wellbeing and sometimes social media can overwhelm the situation.

That’s why we’ve updated the app to bring you one, positive place, one click away where you can log your Reasons2; smile, feel better, keep going, get out of bed, live.

Visit your device’s app store to download or update today, or click the links below to be taken to your device’s store now.

To download the app please use the buttons below:

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