Our Services

Accessing the services
An uncomplicated open referral system is used enabling the person or referrer to refer in person or over the telephone. We aim to provide quality mental health services in a non stigmatising environment for those aged 16 and above, who are experiencing, or who are at risk of, developing mental ill health and emotional distress. Ensuring accessibility through an open referral system enables service users and their family or carers to refer themselves to services that are easy to access and based in their local community.  A referral can be made by telephone on 0191 417 8043 or your GP or other Health Professional to contact us by letter

What happens when you ring?
A member of our staff will ask you some personal questions such as:  name, date of birth, address, contact number, who your GP is etc.. you will also be asked why you are referring yourself.

You will be asked to complete a form which asks more detailed information about how you are currently feeling – this form is called a PHQ9/GAD7 form.

What happens after you have filled in the form?
When we receive your completed form from you, we will contact you to arrange a telephone appointment (triage) with one of our counsellors.  This means you will be asked in more detail about yourself and what sort of help you are requesting.  Click here to access the Triage Form.

The counsellor will also discuss with you what will be the most useful help for you eg. Social Support, referral to one of our partner agencies, Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT), Stress Groups or Counselling.

After the Triage Appointment
If counselling is the most suitable intervention for you and you come into Washington Mind’s catchment area your name will be placed on our short waiting list until a counselling appointment is available.  We usually offer you between 6-10 sessions of counselling.  There is no cost to you for these sessions.