Our Values

Good mental health is just one aspect of general wellbeing and we believe that everyone can lead a full, active and rewarding life. We work with the people who use our services to support them in achieving their goals and engaging in their communities. Our goal is to try to help people experiencing emotional or mental distress to regain their full potential in life and work.

When using our services you have the right to expect:
• To receive adequate information
• To feel welcome, safe and free to be yourself
• To be treated with respect and not to be judged
• To be offered services that are appropriate your needs (or signposted if necessary)
• To have a full explanation of our confidentiality policy and what it means to you
• To have the opportunity to comment on what you think of the service good and bad

Our Core Values…
1. Passionate and committed to providing the best quality service to all service users.
2. We see people not problems and strive to support people to live individual lives.
3. We champion the fight against the stigma surrounding the aspects of mental health and wellbeing.
4. Treat each other and those around us with the dignity and respect that we would expect from them.
5. We are all committed to create a positive, supportive and happy work place.
6. Easy access to our services.
7. Our independence ensures we are free from bias and influence of others.
8. Do what we say we’ll do and if we can’t we’ll tell you.
9. Honest with ourselves and everyone around us.
10.We strongly believe working in partnership with all stakeholders will enable us to provide the most effective services to our users.
11. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of our people to be the best they can be.
12. Committed to an environment of inclusiveness, openness and trust, where everyone respects the opinions and beliefs of each other.

Time to Change – The stigma surrounding a mental health diagnosis continues and social exclusion for those affected by it. People still have difficulty in accessing appropriate services when they need them. We aim to enable people to have timely access to a range of quality, targeted, preventative mental health services with the aim of improving their well being and quality of life.

Our Aims
The No Health Without Mental Health the strategy sets out six objectives for improving mental health and wellbeing we have used this to determine our organisational aims:
1. More people have better mental health – we will increase our service capacity offering more support to more people and use www.wellbeinginfo.org to enable our local community to understand common mental health problems, improve their own wellbeing and give easier access to local services.
2. More people will recover – we will be able to offer more talking therapies, psycho-educational courses and IAPT interventions reducing waiting times for support standardised evaluation tools will inform us of the most effective interventions.
3. Better physical health – we will offer healthy lifestyle courses (smoking cessation, weight loss, walking groups etc) , exercise classes
4. Positive experiences of care and support – we will offer support in a safe, comfortable attractive environment and monitor service user experience ensuring the community direct our service delivery and development.
5. Fewer people suffer avoidable harm- we will offer training and support to help the community to support those in most need (we are currently developing a suicide prevention programme and family resilience project)
6. Fewer people experience stigma and discrimination- the centre will be user friendly and inclusive; incorporating services for people with mental health problems alongside wellbeing services accessible to all. We will continue to deliver a range of health promotion events through hosting the Sunderland Wellbeing and Men’s Health Networks